Thursday, May 20, 2010

Exquisite Lemony Yellow Sherman Rhinestone Jewelry

Today while I was going through some jewelry, I found this gorgeous lemony yellow with just a hint of green Sherman rhinestone jewelry set.

The exquisite Sherman bracelet was purchased at a local flea market along with the flower basket style brooch.  The Sherman earrings which turned out to be an identical color match were found on eBay. Trying to match rhinestones on a computer is tricky but this time I was lucky.

I've read that some Sherman rhinestone settings were gold plated which explains their brilliant and lasting shine.  This set is almost factory perfect.   The Swarovski rhinestones are still sparkling with no cloudiness.  

This Sherman brooch is the only one I've seen that also has a loop on the back allowing it to be worn as a pendant.  The combination of marquis and round cut stones is amazing and the stacked affect of the setting makes it appear almost three dimensional.  

All pieces are signed Sherman and are unique in this amazing color.   Now if only I could find the matching necklace!

1 comment:

Phil Morris said...

DO you sell any of your signed sherman bracelets. I want to start to collect for my sister.