Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pretty in Pink Sherman Rhinestone Jewelry

It's been raining for two days now so I thought these pretty pink with aurora borealis Sherman rhinestone jewelry sets would be cheerful.

These large dangling pink rhinestone earrings are probably one of my favorite pair thus far. They were plucked off eBay using the instant Buy-it-Now option for a reasonable price. They are in magnificent, unworn condition. The heavy rhodium plating doesn't have a mark on it and the clips are tight. Using a combination of marquis and round shaped pink and pink aurora borealis (these reflect more of a blue) rhinestones, these measure a whopping 3 1/2" from top to bottom. I love the two-tier domed setting giving these a sparkling 3D affect.

The matching feather-like Sherman brooch is just under 2 1/2" wide and is also made in a stacked, two-tier fashion.  Again, the rhodium plating is perfect with no scratches.  This was purchased from the same seller after it expired on eBay without a bid.  I don't know if both pieces had been originally purchased together or matched up later but they perfectly compliment one another.

The last set documented today is also pink with pink aurora borealis, however the reflection on these pieces has a more grey affect.  The pretty round Sherman brooch was purchased from an antique store at a fraction of what it is worth.  The open center is raised creating an almost dome affect. Sherman combined round and marquis-shaped rhinestones when designing this lovely piece.  

The necklace and earrings were purchased from a local dealer at a very good price and had belonged to the wife of a prominent business owner in town.   

The necklace features one large marquis shaped center rhinestone with smaller graduated marquis shaped stones on either side.  Behind that are two rows of baguette rhinestones alternating with round rhinestones. Features the typical "J" hook clasp allowing for a custom fit.

The earrings are an identical match to the brooch and are just over 7/8".  

All the stones in the necklace are aurora borealis while the earrings and brooch combine pink aurora borealis with pink rhinestones. Everything is set in heavy rhodium plate that is in excellent condition and all pieces are signed Sherman.

The display box is an original "Jewels of Elegance by Sherman" jewelry case which are becoming harder and harder to find.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Matching Sherman Rhinestone Jewelry

If you read my last post on the pretty apple green Sherman rhinestone jewelry, you will remember that most of it was purchased separately and then matched up later.  I did the same thing when I was searching for drop earrings to go with the lemony yellow bracelet and brooch that I purchased together.

Because I live in a small town, it's much easier for me to match up Sherman jewelry online where there are many more pieces to choose from.  I have matched color online several times but again, like I have said before, it's tricky from monitor to monitor not to mention, you have to consider the quality of the cameras that are used to photograph the piece as well. When in doubt, your best option is to contact the seller directly and ask for a more detailed written description of the color as well as more pictures. Most sellers are more than happy to provide whatever information you are asking for, eager to make a sale.

The two sets I am documenting today show that matching a piece you already own is possible with a bit of patience and time.  The red earrings were purchased a couple of years ago and are stunning with the siam red and aurora borealis stones all done in black japanned settings.  The four rhinestone chains hang freely creating a dazzling array of sparkle.  This large brooch with the same flower pattern as in the clip portion of the earrings, surfaced on eBay about 3 months ago and I was thrilled to win that auction, providing a great match to the lone earrings.  The brooch is made of four raised flower clusters and is done in the same black japanned setting.

The purple brooch was documented much earlier in my posts and was purchased online several years ago.  Since that time, I had not seen anything even close to this style come up online. A couple of months ago, I was doing some research and stumbled across Penelopes Pearls online vintage jewelry store where I found Sherman earrings listed with the exact same colors!  I raced upstairs to find the brooch and compared the two.  I couldn't order the earrings fast enough and even called her home to make sure the earrings were still available LOL!!  I received a call back within 30 minutes (talk about great service!) and purchased the earrings on the spot. A few days later, the earrings arrived and were an absolute perfect color match to the brooch and even had the same large emerald-cut purple center!  These earrings were definitely manufactured at the same time as the brooch and part of this exceptional color series of Sherman designs.  If you have a minute, I have a direct link to Penelopes Pearls in the column on the right, you never know, she may have something listed there that you have been looking for so check it out!

Each item documented today is valuable on its own but nothing escalates that value more than being paired with a matching piece. As you can see, even the most unusual pieces can be matched up with patience and a little research, sometimes when you aren't even looking!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Exquisite Lemony Yellow Sherman Rhinestone Jewelry

Today while I was going through some jewelry, I found this gorgeous lemony yellow with just a hint of green Sherman rhinestone jewelry set.

The exquisite Sherman bracelet was purchased at a local flea market along with the flower basket style brooch.  The Sherman earrings which turned out to be an identical color match were found on eBay. Trying to match rhinestones on a computer is tricky but this time I was lucky.

I've read that some Sherman rhinestone settings were gold plated which explains their brilliant and lasting shine.  This set is almost factory perfect.   The Swarovski rhinestones are still sparkling with no cloudiness.  

This Sherman brooch is the only one I've seen that also has a loop on the back allowing it to be worn as a pendant.  The combination of marquis and round cut stones is amazing and the stacked affect of the setting makes it appear almost three dimensional.  

All pieces are signed Sherman and are unique in this amazing color.   Now if only I could find the matching necklace!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Another Sherman Rigid Cuff Bracelet

Just had to download photos of the newest addition to my Sherman vintage Jewelry collection.  Another fabulous rigid and hinged cuff bracelet, this one is super wide and came with it's original Sherman case. First case by Sherman that I've seen for these highly collectible rigid bracelets.

And this little beauty came complete with a signed Sherman rhinestone necklace with a huge center drop. Nice rigid center that holds this big and bold drop in place.

Lots of sparkle and although the drop dead gorgeous earrings are not signed, they are definitely the perfect companion to these two signed pieces.

As always, all pieces documented today are in excellent condition, nice sparkling rhinestone crystals and shiny rhodium settings and of course, I paid far too much for them but hey, sometimes you just gotta treat yourself.

Oh I'm drooling over these.  Now where will I wear them?