Friday, December 26, 2008

More Sparkling Crystal Clear Sherman Jewelry

Things have certainly been hectic around here for the past few weeks with company and all of the preparation that goes into getting things in order this time of year.  With most of that now behind us, I thought it would be a great time to showcase the last of my clear Sherman rhinestone jewelry pieces.  

Seeing all the snow outside made me think of the first set I'm documenting today.  This pretty snowflake-shaped brooch is substantial in size being approximately 2 3/4" wide and long.  It is done in a two-tier style common in better Sherman designs. I love the way the light plays off the long slender navette-shaped clear rhinestones. This brooch is definitely a keeper and so perfect during the Winter season.  

I have paired this magnificent brooch with a pair of large clip-on Sherman earrings featuring the same slender navette clear rhinestones set in shiny rhodium plate. They are large being a full 1" from top to bottom when worn.  The only problem with these gorgeous earrings is that I paid far too much for them.  They were part of a "set" I purchased on eBay where the inexperienced  seller stated that both these earrings and a similar style brooch were signed Sherman.  I purchased this "set" based on a price that would have been reasonable had that been true. Unfortunately, when they arrived, only the earrings were signed, no signature on the brooch.  When I contacted the seller, she stood behind her inaccurate assumption and there really wasn't much I could do. I'm fortunate to have had this happen only once.  Lesson learned! If you are buying online, ask to see a photo of that signature, don't ever assume the seller can read or knows Sherman jewelry as well as you do LOL!!

The pretty bracelet shown is one that was purchased from a local dealer and was a very good price for the size and excellent condition it is in.  It is 7 1/4" in length and features 5 rows of alternating beautiful clear and sparkling baguette and round cut crystals.  Has the common push style clasp with safety chain still intact.

When I purchased this sparkling bracelet, I already had the matching clip earrings which were acquired as part of Edie's jewelry (you can read more about Edie and her magnificent jewelry in a post I did in September '08). They have the same baguette and round cut crystals in a layered design and measure a full 1 1/4" from top to bottom when worn.

All pieces documented today are clearly marked Sherman and set in shiny rhodium plate and in excellent condition.

Like I mentioned in my last post on Sherman clear rhinestone jewelry, you can wear these exquisite designs with every color or pattern in your wardrobe from the most basic pair of jeans to pant suits or that cliche "little black dress".  There is no better way to add sparkle and glamor to your New Year's Eve outfit than with a magnificent piece of Sherman rhinestone jewelry regardless of its color!  

Before ending this post, I'd like to say "Happy Holidays Everyone" as we all look forward to another year of fun and family and of jewelry collecting of course!!!! 

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wonderful & Rare LEC Vintage Jewelry

Funny how you sometimes stumble across a piece of jewelry that makes you stop in your tracks and take notice. That's exactly how I felt the first time I handled the exquisite dark LEC beaded necklace and earrings shown. Originally from Edie's jewelry (you can read more about Edie in a post I did in September), I was amazed at the quality and workmanship that went into creating this outstanding set.  The beads were heavy, unique, colorful and well made. The finish was outstanding with an aurora borealis coating that was still perfect.  The clasp was so glamorous, the rhinestone colors a perfect match to the exquisite beads.  I was so impressed with this set and so surprised to see the LEC signature. I honestly thought only someone like Sherman could have produced such a high quality set.  I was wrong, this set surpassed anything I had handled with Sherman's name on it.  Why hadn't I seen this name in my jewelry books?

Even now, very little is written about this company.  All I know is that this jewelry was produced in Montreal and that LEC was the high-end brand name used by Boucher.  Even the Boucher crystal necklaces I documented a few posts back don't compare to the quality found in LEC.

The silver set was purchased at a flea market.  What caught my attention was the fact that they were presented in a Sherman Jewels of Elegance metal case but when I lifted the necklace, I was not surprised to see the LEC stamp.  Again, the quality was exceptional.  The faceted beads are heavy and of the best quality I have handled.  The clasp is pretty although not as nice as the one on the dark set. Once I saw that LEC stamp, I knew I would purchase it.  Having the bonus of the Jewels of Elegance case didn't hurt either LOL!!

Lastly, I found the wonderful hinged cuff bracelet at Vintage Jewelry Showcase on Ruby Lane (check out that store if you love high-end designer vintage jewelry and genuine gold and gemstones!).  I love the way it swirls in opposite directions and ends with a creamy white faux pearl.  The textured finish and sparkle of the amber rhinestone accents make this piece a showstopper.  As usual, the minute I saw that LEC mark, I knew I would purchase it.

Probably one of the most underrated vintage jewelry makers is LEC.  Their pieces are outstanding in quality and detail and in my opinion surpass Sherman which is saying something.  I love the Sherman rhinestones but when it comes to the beaded necklaces, LEC is definitely where it's at.  If you have the opportunity to purchase one, by all means do so, if you love quality and exquisite design, you won't be disappointed by any jewelry displaying the LEC mark!  

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Vintage Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet

Sterling Silver makes up a very small portion of my jewelry collection. Yes, I still have my high school graduation ring and a lovely little engraved locket that was the only gift I can remember receiving from my grandfather who has since passed away, but the star of my sterling silver jewelry is my vintage charm bracelet.

I can remember receiving it back in the mid 70's when I was 13. It was a gift from my mother who probably didn't realize at the time, what a wonderful role this simple sterling silver charm bracelet would play in my life. Now in my late 40's (yikes, how did that happen so quickly!), this bracelet is loaded with charms that symbolize wonderful milestones and events from the first charm which was "13", to pets I had growing up, graduation, first job, birthdays (I guess I'm going to have to start watching for a 50 now!), wedding, anniversary, the birth of my lovely daughter, hobbies, places my mom travelled, places I have traveled to, methods of transportation, just to name a very few. Some have movable parts like the unique clock my mom purchased during a trip to Switzerland, some have turquoise beads, rhinestones or enamel. This may look like a standard charm bracelet to everyone else but for me, it is a wonderful and wearable journal. I can look at each charm and remember well the event that was so meaningful at the time, it was worth symbolizing in a delicate silver charm. I now have a charm on every link and am working my way around this old bracelet for the second time. Just for fun, I checked and it weighs 108 grams!

When my daughter was born, I knew I wanted to give her this same gift so we can document events in her life that are meaningful. So far, it starts with a little Kiwi bird from New Zealand symbolizing the 4 months of my pregnancy spent there, an April charm with birthstone for the month she was born, a charm of the city where she was born, one for her first big trip at the age of 3 months to meet her grandfather for the only time since he has since passed away, one for a province she has visited and the last one was for a trip she took when she was 1 1/2 to meet a niece who had just been born (this stuff happens when you have children in your 40's LOL!!). We now have a vacation booked in January and she will be getting another charm to symbolize that trip. I hope when she is older, we can sit down together and explore each charm on her bracelet and talk about what events in her life are represented by each one.

One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give are these wearable "life journals". Luckily they can still be found online and at flea markets although it is getting harder and harder to find ones that have not had charms on them at some point. There are lots of charms available in online stores so even if you can't find a charm at the time or place you want to represent, there are other options for finding the perfect one later.

To my mom, thank you so much for starting this wonderful tradition between mothers and daughters, I hope my own daughter will do the same for hers one day.

To everyone else, next time you see a vintage charm bracelet, remember that it isn't just a lovely old piece of vintage jewelry, it's a totally unique and wearable history of someone's life!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Delightful and Chunky Bakelite Bangle Bracelets

So far, my jewelry collecting has covered Sherman rhinestones, Coro thermoset and Boucher crystal beads so now it's time to take a closer look at the fun and fantastic bakelite bangles that were all the rage during the 30's and 40's. 

My collection of bakelite bangles was not a conscious decision I made, the bakelite chose me! I had a 12-month spell a couple of years ago where I was finding bakelite bangles whether I was looking for them or not!  They seemed to be everywhere, second-hand stores, charity shops, yard sale tables, flea markets and all at ridiculously low prices.  Funny thing about this though is that at the exact same time, a friend of mine who also buys jewelry in the same town and checks the same places I do couldn't find a single piece.  I guess I had them all LOL!!

The wide chunky butterscotch one with the carved diamond pattern was purchased at a charity shop for $1, the smooth orange one with the copper flower detail was purchased at Value Village (this is a second-hand chain store in Canada) for $1.49, the diamond faceted one in rich carmel was found in a box full of jewelry I had paid $25 for, the two large marbled brown ones were found by my mother at two different yard sales (on the same day!), at a flea market, I purchased a sandwich baggie that had four or five different color spacer bakelite bangles, all for $2.  I could go on and on and document how little all these gorgeous bracelets were purchased for but I think you get the message. These bracelets show up all over the place and for next to nothing if you take the time to look.

The only bakelite bracelet in my collection that was purchased from a dealer is the super wide chocolate brown carved rose one.  I paid $65 for it which was still an incredible price considering it is a book piece documented time and time again in books on vintage plastic jewelry.  

I love the smooth, chunky feel they have and the way they clang when they are worn.  They look fantastic with a warm turtleneck sweater or with a tailored long-sleeve blouse and jeans.  These colorful and beautiful bangles can provide the finishing touch to any long sleeved-casual top and pants in your wardrobe. Colorful, elegant and sophisticated, they have a place in any jewelry collection, vintage or not! If you don't already own any, keep an eye out for them, they are still plentiful and priced at a point that anyone can afford!

PS: I think I might be back on a bakelite roll!  Yesterday I went to our local flea market and found the marbled orange/brown and marbled mustard bracelets in the last photo for 10 cents each! They were mixed in a shoe box full of children's jewelry!!  See, they are still out there!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Glamorous Pink & Charcoal Sherman Rhinestone Jewelry

Back in September, I did a post on the rigid cuff bracelet that I have in my collection of Sherman jewelry. Today, I am going to talk about my other big splurge which is this exquisite pink with charcoal grey rhinestone brooch with matching clip earrings.

This brooch is the largest Sherman I have seen thus far.  It is super wide at a full 4" across and features the most beautiful large pink and charcoal marquise-shaped rhinestones. There is one tiny round cut pink rhinestone to fill in a gap in the design on the very top.  Typical of Sherman, no detail was ever too small to make the finished product perfect!  It is two layers high which creates depth and dimension when worn.

The matching clip style earrings feature the exact same stone colors in the same shapes with several more of the tiny pink ones.  They are also large being just under 1 1/2" from top to bottom when worn.

All pieces of this exquisite demi-parure are in excellent, unworn condition and clearly marked Sherman.

I purchased this set from a seller I had contacted through eBay and I knew at the time I was overpaying for it but it was one set I just couldn't resist.  I talked the seller down in price as low as she would go and ended up purchasing it for a price that was still too high.  No way to ever recoup but it wasn't purchased as an investment or to resell later but as part of a collection that is constantly changing.

Sometimes when you collect, you just have to bite the bullet and pay what a seller is asking when you love the design and know it will enhance your collection.  This was one of those times.  Luckily, most of my collection was purchased either well below or right around a fair price so to incorporate a couple of expensive pieces isn't such a big deal.

As I continue to add to my collection, other pieces are sold off to make room which gives all of you the opportunity to add new and exciting pieces to your own inventory. .

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Outstanding Coro Thermoset Plastic Parures

Those of you who are familiar with my jewelry blog know that Sherman is by far my favorite manufacturer of vintage costume jewelry, however one other style I am always on the look out for is Coro thermoset.

This wonderful and colorful jewelry was made back in the 50's and 60's and featured the most beautiful moulded plastic pieces glued securely into place on rhodium and gold plated backings. The sets I am documenting today are all of the same leaf style that I find myself drawn to time and time again.  There is so much of this unique jewelry available that I found it necessary to limit my collecting to specific styles.  

The first set featured today is a magnificent deep red bracelet with matching clip style earrings. The bracelet features a secure fold-over clasp with red inserts that almost resemble a whale's tail pattern.  It is wide at 1 1/8" and done in a shiny gold plated setting with tiny, raised floral clusters down the center.

The matching earrings are large measuring a generous 1 1/4" from top to bottom when worn.  I have the matching brooch, however it has lost one of it's beautiful moulded plastic inserts but I am always on the hunt for a pair of matching earrings or another red brooch so this wonderful parure can be perfectly restored.

The deep inky blue set is identical in style and design, however it is set in shiny rhodium plate.  This lovely parure is in exceptional, original condition.

The last two sets are done in the exact same style and feature the brooch with matching clip earrings only.  So far no bracelet but I'm always looking! One set has inserts of a brown/rust shade while the other has the same rust/brown but mixed with redish/orange and a brownish shade.  These brooches are super large measuring 2 1/2" x 2 3/4" and in exceptional condition.

The blue, red and orange/rust combo sets where all purchased as part of Edie's jewelry (you can read more about Edie in my post of September 17) so have a special place in my collection. The rust set was purchased online for a mere $9.99 with about $2 shipping which is incredible value for such large and beautiful signed pieces.

For anyone who doesn't believe they have the means to start a nice vintage jewelry collection, think again.  These Coro thermoset full parures can easily be purchased for under $50 with some being well below that figure depending on the color and design.  They are well worth the investment and just because there are lots to go around today doesn't mean the supply will be endless.  They are magnificent and very underrated among collectors which makes them such an affordable option.

For those of you who find yourself getting interested in this wonderful style of jewelry,  I have several pieces listed in my store right now (Island Vintage Jewelry in the right margin) that are offered at great prices.  You can chose to collect by color, style, design, manufacturer or whatever catches your fancy.  They can be found at great prices right now but as the supply eventually goes down, you can bet that the prices will have no where to go but up, up, up!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beautiful Boucher Vintage Beaded Jewelry

I have been collecting Sherman rhinestones for a long time but when it comes to the crystal and beaded necklaces, Boucher and LeC are by far my favorite. Unfortunately, I don't know a heck of a lot about either company other than their beaded pieces are exquisite.  My understanding is that LeC was the Canadian branch of Boucher and operated out of Montreal as did Sherman.  

In this post, I will document the two lovely Boucher signed crystal parures I have collected.  The first is a double strand featuring amber colored multi-faceted crystal beads in graduated sizes each separated by tiny yellow spacer beads.  The clasps are magnificent, this one done in  shiny gold plate peppered with pave set yellow rhinestones. There is an additional rhinestone spacer that allows two different lengths, one a choker style, then a more relaxed fix when the rhinestone extender is used. The inside strand is 13" in length with an additional 3 1/4" of fold-over clasp and spacer.  

The matching earrings are circular clips featuring both beads and measure 7/8" in diameter.  

All pieces including the removable extender are clearly marked BOUCHER.

The second set today is remarkable made with the prettiest tear-drop shaped clear crystals. The necklace is very similar to the amber one except in a triple-strand design.  The pave set rhinestone clasp has the same removable extender and is set in shiny rhodium plate.  This one is more of a choker style with the inside crystal strand being 11 1/2" in length with a total additional length 4 1/2" when you include the fold-over clasp and extension.  

The matching bracelet is made using the same combination of unique shaped clear crystal beads in three strands that equal 1 1/4" in width.  The pave rhinestone clasp is an exact match to the necklace and there is a fold-over clasp with safety chain.  This bracelet will fasten to the necklace as an extender if desired.

The matching earrings are exquisite with pave set rhinestones at the lobe and in the cone shaped drops that connect to the beautiful unique crystals. Overall, these gorgeous earrings are shoulder dusters being 3" in length and are in excellent, unworn condition.

The earrings are unsigned, however, they still have the original Marcel Boucher hang tag with a price of $25.00 on the reverse.  I don't know if that was the price of the earrings on their own or of the entire parure.  

These are the only two Boucher signed beaded sets I have although I will be documenting my LeC jewelry in a future post.  For those of you who collect Sherman beaded parures, check out those made by Boucher and LeC.  If you love quality and weighty pieces, you will love these and they are usually priced much lower!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Unique Stones Used In Sherman Rhinestone Jewelry

As I look over my blog, I noticed that time and time again, the majority of my Sherman pieces are similar in that they use brightly colored crystals, some with and some without an aurora borealis wash. Rarely did I find I was attracted to the more unique style of stones which is probably not a good investment considering they would be the most rare LOL!!

The first set photographed today is a beautiful wide bracelet featuring large milky white marquises down the center set in the North/South style.  These have been embellished with large round smoke colored crystals down either side.  The overall width of this unusual bracelet is 1 1/8" making it one of the wider flexible style.  It is set in shiny rhodium that is in like new condition with a secure push-style clasp and safety chain.

The lovely brooch that was purchased with it (both as a Christmas present from my mom a couple of years ago) is made up of mostly marquise white and smoke stones but with a large oval-shaped milk glass recessed center. It measures more than 1 1/2" across and is also set in perfectly shiny rhodium.

The delicate clip earrings that are a stand-alone part of my collection feature faux pearls which were not that common in Sherman designs although absolutely elegant when accented with beautiful sparkling marquises.  I expect at some point to find a matching brooch or bracelet for them.

The last set photographed today has beautiful amber-colored stones accented with the prettiest aurora borealis washed stones.  They show flashes of pink, orange, red, yellow, teal and purple and the large center ovals are outstanding.  This set is large with the brooch being a full 2" across and clip earrings that are more than 1" from top to bottom when worn.  These unique stones are mounted in a gold plated setting.

All pieces documented for today's post are in excellent condition and all are clearly marked SHERMAN.

For anyone who collects Sherman jewelry, it's nice to have an assortment of colors and styles but including some of the pieces in your collection that are made using less common stones will enhance that collection even more!  

Friday, October 31, 2008

Gorgeous Green Sherman Rhinestone Jewelry

Lately I've been busy sorting through boxes of jewelry stocking my store on Ruby Lane but I always stop and pause to admire my Sherman jewelry when I come across a piece.

The multi-colored set documented today is in absolute pristine condition done in shiny rhodium plate and featuring a dazzling combination of moss and emerald green marquise shaped rhinestones accented with sparkling blue/green washed aurora borealis.  It is exquisite in the way the stones are stacked  and elegantly curved to take full advantage of the light in all directions.  This set is brilliant and worthy of being photographed for any jewelry book featuring high-end costume jewelry.  I haven't seen too many in this particular design although there are ones similar that don't have the extra dimension.  One of my favorite sets, I love the green shades!

The second set I am documenting is almost a perfect color match, the elegant drop earrings feature some of the same colors as the brooch but have some that are almost a teal shade.  Not a common color in any rhinestones I have seen so I wonder if this was one of the special order colors created by Swarovski for Sherman designs. They feature a flower cluster at the earlobe and have 1 3/4" of marquise drops. Sparkling and beautiful set in shiny rhodium plate with nice tight back clips.

The domed brooch was one I just couldn't resist on eBay a few months ago listed with a $60 buy-it-now just before our dollar tumbled. I've been trying to thin out my collection (this is evident when you look at my inventory at Island Vintage Jewelry on Ruby Lane) but I couldn't resist anything with such deep green shades and at such a rock bottom price so here it is. It's a full 2" in diameter, stacked with different colors of marquises stones and then topped with a cluster of aurora borealis chatons.  The rhodium plate is in like new condition (don't you love that about Sherman pieces!) and the raised dome shape captures the light in all directions.

As usual, all pieces documented in today's post are clearly marked SHERMAN.

I'm still working on thinning out my Sherman collection and including signed and unsigned beauties in my store so if you are in the mood to treat yourself this coming holiday season with some beautiful costume jewelry, click on the link over in the right-hand column and check out my store "Island Vintage Jewelry" and those listed on my "Favorite Links" and enjoy the gorgeous jewelry up for grabs!  

Saturday, October 25, 2008

More Sherman Rhinestone Jewelry for Sale!

It's been about three weeks now and I'm still going through my stash of jewelry and finding lots of Sherman pieces to sell along with a lot of unsigned beauties.  One brooch I listed yesterday sold in only a couple of hours, it was spectacular but somehow slipped through the factory doors where it was made unsigned.  I have another set like that listed right now, it's the pretty curved red and fuchsia brooch with matching earrings and it's exquisite! There has to be a signed piece somewhere out there that belongs with this sparkling brooch and earrings. The quality and unique tiered design, everything that would scream designer is present in this gorgeous set.  I think it proves my point about designer jewelry that did not get permanent signatures referred to in the posts I did about Signed versus Unsigned Sherman jewelry.

On the other hand, this moss green with aurora borealis brooch is signed Sherman and gorgeous!  It sparkles brilliantly and is in excellent condition but since I am finding so much with green, I've decided to give someone else the pleasure of owning it, perhaps even someone who has a piece to match it.

The blue aurora borealis demi parure is striking and has been in my collection a long time. It turns out that I have others similar to it so now is the time to let this pretty set go.  The condition of it is amazing considering how old it must be.  One thing about jewelry that was manufactured by Sherman - it looks like it just left the factory!  It too is done in a tiered fashion like many of the more sought after Sherman pieces.  

Lastly, the blue earrings are huge, and since they are stand alone, I thought that perhaps someone out there would be able to match them up with another piece making a beautiful set with them.

All kinds of beautiful pieces of jewelry, some signed, some not have been listed in my store.  If you have a moment, click on the link to Island Vintage Jewelry on the right and check it out. It's been quite a job to go through so much jewelry but I'm getting a handle on it and believe it or not, it has been enjoyable to rediscover so many beautiful pieces that have been packed away for so long.  Time to let them go and be appreciated!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sherman Jewelry For Sale & On Sale!

For those of you who have been following my blog, you know that I do most of my purchasing of Sherman jewelry online.  To get ready for each post, I have been going through my collection and finding many pieces that I had forgotten I had and even color duplicates. Because of that, I have been downsizing my collection giving all of you the opportunity to purchase one or more of these beauties at my store on Ruby Lane (direct link in the right margin), some are even on sale!

The champagne aurora borealis necklace with drop earrings is absolutely gorgeous and would not be for sale but for the fact I have another that is very similar to it. The sparkling rhinestones are incredible with flashes of pink, purple, green and yellow. I love this style, so classic and sophisticated. Who wouldn't want to  dazzle everyone around with this beautiful set at their next Christmas or New Year's party!

The large pinwheel that is currently on sale in my store is so unusual and collectible with this color combination.  I have not in all my collecting and searching seen anything that even closely resembles this color combination making it a rare piece indeed.  The condition is excellent and would work with just about any color in your wardrobe.

Of course, the clear pieces are the most timeless and elegant.  Perfect for the bride, the prom or any occasion where sparkle just sets off that outfit or dress.  I know the one pictured at the right is unsigned but anyone who read my previous posts on signed versus unsigned Sherman jewelry and believes, like most of us, that there are indeed Sherman jewelry pieces that do not have a permanent signature, will recognize this style and know immediately that it was most likely manufactured by Sherman.  It dazzles just as much as any other of his designs and is of the same weight, style and quality.  Great opportunity to purchase a fabulous set at a great price!

Hope you will take a minute to check my store for lots of other great vintage designer jewelry some signed, some unsigned beauties, I have something for every budget so take a look! 


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Outstanding Apple Green Sherman Rhinestone Jewelry

This is one of the prettiest colors of Sherman rhinestones and one of the hardest to find.  I've been fortunate enough to find each of these sets online. The "shrimp" style brooch was purchased alone and almost two years later, the matching clip earrings finally surfaced on auction.  Again, matching colors on a computer monitor is tricky and never exact but as with the yellow set documented in one of my earliest posts, the green color was "bang on".  Both are set in shiny rhodium plate and clearly marked Sherman.

The gorgeous apple green bracelet (which just happens to be an exact style match to the yellow one mentioned in the post noted in my last paragraph) was purchased for a reasonable buy-it-now price on eBay. I have been waiting for green for years and didn't want to take the chance of missing it if I had left it up to a regular auction so I used the buy-it-now feature. This same seller had the pretty drop earrings with the same color combination on auction at the same time, so I waited that auction out and got them for a steal.  Almost made up for how much the bracelet was LOL!!!!

As in the first set, this gorgeous apple green bracelet and drop earrings are set in shiny rhodium plate and clearly marked Sherman. Everything is in excellent condition.

Purchasing a color match to a piece you already own is tricky but doable using online options as your resource. These pretty apple green sets along with my earlier post on the lemony yellow pieces show that it is indeed possible.  All Sherman jewelry is valuable on its own but collectors will confirm that acquiring matching sets is by far the most sought after. Matching a piece you already own takes patience but is well worth the time and effort. You never know, there just may be a piece you have been waiting for in my store right now so check it out!!


Friday, September 26, 2008

Emerald & Sapphire Sherman Rhinestone Jewelry

Where do I start with this breathtaking set? It's absolutely amazing and the deep emerald green and sapphire blue navette rhinestones are so glamorous! I love the style of the large flower- shaped clip earrings and the curved "shrimp" brooch is one of my all time favorite Sherman styles. You will see this design documented time and time again in my posts.

This sparkling set was purchased online for what I feel was nearly a "steal" and originated in Toronto. It always amazes me that so many beautiful sets are still available to purchase and I'm so pleased that they are (my hubby may feel differently though LOL!!). The deep vibrant colors are striking and the condition is mint, not a mark on either the rhinestones or on the back of any pieces. I don't know how they did it, but the earrings are extremely comfortable, yet feel secure when worn. Definitely a sign of high quality and attention to detail. 

The necklace I have photographed with this set is large and was purchased from a jewelry dealer in my area. All rhinestones have the aurora borealis finish and sparkle as the light hits them. The necklace is set in gold plate while the brooch and earrings are set in rhodium. All pieces are clearly marked Sherman.

I love the emerald green shades and know that with the upcoming holiday season (can you believe it's almost October!!) these pieces will definitely be worn and enjoyed!