Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pretty in Pink Sherman Rhinestone Jewelry

It's been raining for two days now so I thought these pretty pink with aurora borealis Sherman rhinestone jewelry sets would be cheerful.

These large dangling pink rhinestone earrings are probably one of my favorite pair thus far. They were plucked off eBay using the instant Buy-it-Now option for a reasonable price. They are in magnificent, unworn condition. The heavy rhodium plating doesn't have a mark on it and the clips are tight. Using a combination of marquis and round shaped pink and pink aurora borealis (these reflect more of a blue) rhinestones, these measure a whopping 3 1/2" from top to bottom. I love the two-tier domed setting giving these a sparkling 3D affect.

The matching feather-like Sherman brooch is just under 2 1/2" wide and is also made in a stacked, two-tier fashion.  Again, the rhodium plating is perfect with no scratches.  This was purchased from the same seller after it expired on eBay without a bid.  I don't know if both pieces had been originally purchased together or matched up later but they perfectly compliment one another.

The last set documented today is also pink with pink aurora borealis, however the reflection on these pieces has a more grey affect.  The pretty round Sherman brooch was purchased from an antique store at a fraction of what it is worth.  The open center is raised creating an almost dome affect. Sherman combined round and marquis-shaped rhinestones when designing this lovely piece.  

The necklace and earrings were purchased from a local dealer at a very good price and had belonged to the wife of a prominent business owner in town.   

The necklace features one large marquis shaped center rhinestone with smaller graduated marquis shaped stones on either side.  Behind that are two rows of baguette rhinestones alternating with round rhinestones. Features the typical "J" hook clasp allowing for a custom fit.

The earrings are an identical match to the brooch and are just over 7/8".  

All the stones in the necklace are aurora borealis while the earrings and brooch combine pink aurora borealis with pink rhinestones. Everything is set in heavy rhodium plate that is in excellent condition and all pieces are signed Sherman.

The display box is an original "Jewels of Elegance by Sherman" jewelry case which are becoming harder and harder to find.


Jessica said...

Ooohh! I love the colors! so much fun!

mo said...

What a great find! They are beautiful and in pristine condition. Lucky you! *hugs*

gypsy said...

hey I have also been collecting sherman and other stuff for 25 yrs .. I have 54 peices of sherman .. i could buy it all if I could ... lol .. my prize peice is a two tierd cuff in aurora borealis stones and she is just huge . and stunning one of shermans greater peices . purchased up north for 150.00 .. 4 strand BLUE - BLUE crystal necklace .. other crystal ones .. brooch sets .. i missed one on ebay few days ago but was bizzy helping dad so dont feel sooo bad he is more important .. I keep all my jewels in fishing tackle boxes .. and old -- old .. vanity suitcases .. which is fun ,, my mish mash in rubbermaid totes and of course switching from summer to fall to winter what I wear on my dressers on store display roundy cases . which I have 4 of just covered in old jewerly .. my dresser isnt fro clothes but full of boxes of old jewelry ..I quiver when I look at new stuff in stores it looks sooooo cheap.. and it all goes to my daughters one day . lol they like it also .. if you ever want to part with your pieces I will gladly buy them ... I wear them every day I may get giggles .. I live on farm with horses and do farm work but everyone knows me as the gypsy lady lol ... I LOVE MY OLD JEWELRY .. and all my other household old stuff it isnt a obsession or being a horder , it is a way of life LARISSA

Ev said...

wow! I've just come across your blog. My husband and I were going through a bunch of our stuff today and I remembered a rhinestone bracelet I bought about 10 years ago. As well, a couple of years ago, I found a pair of rhinestone earrings to match. Wanting to do a bit of research, I noticed the name "Sherman" on the clasp of the bracelet; it was also on the earring backs. The search was on! Unfortunately, I can't find much information on the Sherman brand. Could you tell me more? My email address is evskae at gmail dot com. If you'd like, I'd be happy to email you pictures of the pieces I have.

RockRushIndia said...

Beautiful necklace set.