Monday, February 9, 2009

Fabulous Vintage AB Beaded Sherman Jewelry

If you love vintage jewelry, every collection should contain at least one piece of fabulous, fully facetted beads. The ones I have here work so well together although only the earrings have that highly sought after Sherman signature. 

All the beads used in this "set" are of the same weight and quality, each featuring a colorful aurora borealis wash so they reflect a wide range of colors when the light hits them.  The colors range from clear to yellow, to pink, to turquoise, to teal and to purple. No doubt, one of these shades will work with whatever clothing you are wearing.  

The first piece I acquired was the gorgeous flexible three-row bracelet. It was one of Edie's pieces (you can read more about Edie in a post I did in September 08) and is of the highest quality. Edie had worked in the jewelry department of Eaton's many years ago and I strongly suspect that this piece was made by Sherman.  All of the telltale signs of his exceptional quality and craftsmanship are present from the perfectly graduated heavy glass crystals to the lovely detailing on the metal spacers.  I love how the memory wire hugs my wrist making for a perfect and comfortable fit every time.   Sensational piece and a must have vintage jewelry piece.

The round beaded brooch is such a fabulous piece of vintage jewelry. Check out how the tips of each shimmering crystal bead is capped off with a clear, round sparkling rhinestone.  This brooch is large being a full 1 3/4" in diameter and is domed to catch the light from every direction.  The back is a solid rhodium-plated disc which holds everything securely in place. Perfect for any lapel or jacket.

The five-strand graduated crystal bead necklace is a gorgeous and heavy piece of vintage jewelry.  If you don't already have one of these in your collection, get busy finding one.  They are perfect to wear with any open collar or over a sweater and can be found in single strands right up to these beautiful multi-strand creations.  This one features a lovely bar at each end studded with aurora borealis round rhinestones.  The perfect accent and with the extender, the length can be customized for a perfect fit. This particular necklace was recently purchased at a charity sale for only $5 and is in fabulous vintage condition.

Both pair of crystal drop earrings featured today were purchased at auction on eBay for a steal of a price.  One pair was less than $20 and the other was under $30.  Terrific value considering both pair are in excellent condition with Sherman signatures.  The main difference between the two are the shapes of the crystal beads used in the drops and that one pair has screw-backs while the other are clip style.

The aurora borealis wash on this type of jewelry is delicate. Be sure to store them separately where they won't come into contact with other jewelry which can scratch and wear off  this pretty reflective coating.  

Overall, every collection of fine vintage jewelry should have some of these fabulous aurora borealis coated crystal beaded pieces.  They are plentiful making them very affordable and they look as elegant and classic today as when they were all the rage back in the 1950's. You will find these at great prices online and at flea markets so keep your eyes open and make sure you add some to your own jewelry collection but don't stop there, Wear Them!! They are gorgeous!!!


Connie K said...

Very pretty !! I have 2 boxes of Jewelry my dad sent me i need to go thru again i think there might be something like this i'll have to take a pic to show you everything. it's all in little bags so i havent gone thru everything yet but your treasure are amazing !!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Beautiful! I like vintage jewelry although I can't say I'd wear it myself but I do love looking at it and imagining who wore it and for what occasion.

I love your charm bracelet. I remember wanting one so bad and not getting one. That reminds me to keep an eye out for one at an estate sale or garage sale.

Kimberly said...

I just love jewelry. The piece I wanted most for Christmas was a pendant, broach 10kt of Opal, diamonds and gold. I think my husband bought it for me.

I love the hunt for antique jewels and vintage pieces too.

Hotel_Goddess said...

OMG, this stuff is beautiful; do you have it for sale?!

Betty said...

Deb, I so love all these! so fabulous!
I love everything has to do with vintage stuff.
I 'd love to wear thosr crystal earrings!
Hope you have a great rest of the day.
Betty xx
p.s. I'm follwing now!

yonca said...

They are all gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey I have one bracelet that is really similar to this one. I sell vintage items (incluing clothing and jewlery, etc). Maybe you could come check it out?

Thank you, i love your blog!

Tallahassee Jewelry said...

Beautiful! I like vintage jewelry. Now a days this jewelry are very affordable and they look as elegant and classic.