Friday, December 26, 2008

More Sparkling Crystal Clear Sherman Jewelry

Things have certainly been hectic around here for the past few weeks with company and all of the preparation that goes into getting things in order this time of year.  With most of that now behind us, I thought it would be a great time to showcase the last of my clear Sherman rhinestone jewelry pieces.  

Seeing all the snow outside made me think of the first set I'm documenting today.  This pretty snowflake-shaped brooch is substantial in size being approximately 2 3/4" wide and long.  It is done in a two-tier style common in better Sherman designs. I love the way the light plays off the long slender navette-shaped clear rhinestones. This brooch is definitely a keeper and so perfect during the Winter season.  

I have paired this magnificent brooch with a pair of large clip-on Sherman earrings featuring the same slender navette clear rhinestones set in shiny rhodium plate. They are large being a full 1" from top to bottom when worn.  The only problem with these gorgeous earrings is that I paid far too much for them.  They were part of a "set" I purchased on eBay where the inexperienced  seller stated that both these earrings and a similar style brooch were signed Sherman.  I purchased this "set" based on a price that would have been reasonable had that been true. Unfortunately, when they arrived, only the earrings were signed, no signature on the brooch.  When I contacted the seller, she stood behind her inaccurate assumption and there really wasn't much I could do. I'm fortunate to have had this happen only once.  Lesson learned! If you are buying online, ask to see a photo of that signature, don't ever assume the seller can read or knows Sherman jewelry as well as you do LOL!!

The pretty bracelet shown is one that was purchased from a local dealer and was a very good price for the size and excellent condition it is in.  It is 7 1/4" in length and features 5 rows of alternating beautiful clear and sparkling baguette and round cut crystals.  Has the common push style clasp with safety chain still intact.

When I purchased this sparkling bracelet, I already had the matching clip earrings which were acquired as part of Edie's jewelry (you can read more about Edie and her magnificent jewelry in a post I did in September '08). They have the same baguette and round cut crystals in a layered design and measure a full 1 1/4" from top to bottom when worn.

All pieces documented today are clearly marked Sherman and set in shiny rhodium plate and in excellent condition.

Like I mentioned in my last post on Sherman clear rhinestone jewelry, you can wear these exquisite designs with every color or pattern in your wardrobe from the most basic pair of jeans to pant suits or that cliche "little black dress".  There is no better way to add sparkle and glamor to your New Year's Eve outfit than with a magnificent piece of Sherman rhinestone jewelry regardless of its color!  

Before ending this post, I'd like to say "Happy Holidays Everyone" as we all look forward to another year of fun and family and of jewelry collecting of course!!!! 

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