Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wonderful & Rare LEC Vintage Jewelry

Funny how you sometimes stumble across a piece of jewelry that makes you stop in your tracks and take notice. That's exactly how I felt the first time I handled the exquisite dark LEC beaded necklace and earrings shown. Originally from Edie's jewelry (you can read more about Edie in a post I did in September), I was amazed at the quality and workmanship that went into creating this outstanding set.  The beads were heavy, unique, colorful and well made. The finish was outstanding with an aurora borealis coating that was still perfect.  The clasp was so glamorous, the rhinestone colors a perfect match to the exquisite beads.  I was so impressed with this set and so surprised to see the LEC signature. I honestly thought only someone like Sherman could have produced such a high quality set.  I was wrong, this set surpassed anything I had handled with Sherman's name on it.  Why hadn't I seen this name in my jewelry books?

Even now, very little is written about this company.  All I know is that this jewelry was produced in Montreal and that LEC was the high-end brand name used by Boucher.  Even the Boucher crystal necklaces I documented a few posts back don't compare to the quality found in LEC.

The silver set was purchased at a flea market.  What caught my attention was the fact that they were presented in a Sherman Jewels of Elegance metal case but when I lifted the necklace, I was not surprised to see the LEC stamp.  Again, the quality was exceptional.  The faceted beads are heavy and of the best quality I have handled.  The clasp is pretty although not as nice as the one on the dark set. Once I saw that LEC stamp, I knew I would purchase it.  Having the bonus of the Jewels of Elegance case didn't hurt either LOL!!

Lastly, I found the wonderful hinged cuff bracelet at Vintage Jewelry Showcase on Ruby Lane (check out that store if you love high-end designer vintage jewelry and genuine gold and gemstones!).  I love the way it swirls in opposite directions and ends with a creamy white faux pearl.  The textured finish and sparkle of the amber rhinestone accents make this piece a showstopper.  As usual, the minute I saw that LEC mark, I knew I would purchase it.

Probably one of the most underrated vintage jewelry makers is LEC.  Their pieces are outstanding in quality and detail and in my opinion surpass Sherman which is saying something.  I love the Sherman rhinestones but when it comes to the beaded necklaces, LEC is definitely where it's at.  If you have the opportunity to purchase one, by all means do so, if you love quality and exquisite design, you won't be disappointed by any jewelry displaying the LEC mark!  


Jacki said...

....Surpasses.......Sherman....?!?! Wow, those are powerful words coming from you!

Deb said...

Hi Jacki, Yes, those are strong words but there is no doubt that Sherman made the best rhinestone pieces. I guess you can't be Number 1 at everything LOL!!!


Jessica said...

Every last one of those pieces are fantastic. Where does one find LEC?

regis said...

I have a set of LeC jewellery from the early 1960s. Necklace, earrings, brooch, bracelet... dazzling rhinestones - all in mint condition. They were my mother's. She only wore the brooch and earrings... and then, only a couple of times. Looking to sell.

Anonymous said...

Hi Regis, Would love to see photos of your mother's lovely set. Please email me directly with photos and price. Would love to add it to my collection! Debbie of Deb's Gallery of Sherman & Other Vintage Jewerly