Saturday, October 25, 2008

More Sherman Rhinestone Jewelry for Sale!

It's been about three weeks now and I'm still going through my stash of jewelry and finding lots of Sherman pieces to sell along with a lot of unsigned beauties.  One brooch I listed yesterday sold in only a couple of hours, it was spectacular but somehow slipped through the factory doors where it was made unsigned.  I have another set like that listed right now, it's the pretty curved red and fuchsia brooch with matching earrings and it's exquisite! There has to be a signed piece somewhere out there that belongs with this sparkling brooch and earrings. The quality and unique tiered design, everything that would scream designer is present in this gorgeous set.  I think it proves my point about designer jewelry that did not get permanent signatures referred to in the posts I did about Signed versus Unsigned Sherman jewelry.

On the other hand, this moss green with aurora borealis brooch is signed Sherman and gorgeous!  It sparkles brilliantly and is in excellent condition but since I am finding so much with green, I've decided to give someone else the pleasure of owning it, perhaps even someone who has a piece to match it.

The blue aurora borealis demi parure is striking and has been in my collection a long time. It turns out that I have others similar to it so now is the time to let this pretty set go.  The condition of it is amazing considering how old it must be.  One thing about jewelry that was manufactured by Sherman - it looks like it just left the factory!  It too is done in a tiered fashion like many of the more sought after Sherman pieces.  

Lastly, the blue earrings are huge, and since they are stand alone, I thought that perhaps someone out there would be able to match them up with another piece making a beautiful set with them.

All kinds of beautiful pieces of jewelry, some signed, some not have been listed in my store.  If you have a moment, click on the link to Island Vintage Jewelry on the right and check it out. It's been quite a job to go through so much jewelry but I'm getting a handle on it and believe it or not, it has been enjoyable to rediscover so many beautiful pieces that have been packed away for so long.  Time to let them go and be appreciated!

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