Thursday, October 9, 2008

Outstanding Apple Green Sherman Rhinestone Jewelry

This is one of the prettiest colors of Sherman rhinestones and one of the hardest to find.  I've been fortunate enough to find each of these sets online. The "shrimp" style brooch was purchased alone and almost two years later, the matching clip earrings finally surfaced on auction.  Again, matching colors on a computer monitor is tricky and never exact but as with the yellow set documented in one of my earliest posts, the green color was "bang on".  Both are set in shiny rhodium plate and clearly marked Sherman.

The gorgeous apple green bracelet (which just happens to be an exact style match to the yellow one mentioned in the post noted in my last paragraph) was purchased for a reasonable buy-it-now price on eBay. I have been waiting for green for years and didn't want to take the chance of missing it if I had left it up to a regular auction so I used the buy-it-now feature. This same seller had the pretty drop earrings with the same color combination on auction at the same time, so I waited that auction out and got them for a steal.  Almost made up for how much the bracelet was LOL!!!!

As in the first set, this gorgeous apple green bracelet and drop earrings are set in shiny rhodium plate and clearly marked Sherman. Everything is in excellent condition.

Purchasing a color match to a piece you already own is tricky but doable using online options as your resource. These pretty apple green sets along with my earlier post on the lemony yellow pieces show that it is indeed possible.  All Sherman jewelry is valuable on its own but collectors will confirm that acquiring matching sets is by far the most sought after. Matching a piece you already own takes patience but is well worth the time and effort. You never know, there just may be a piece you have been waiting for in my store right now so check it out!!


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Love it!! Just gorgeous. I'm so jealous LOL!