Sunday, November 16, 2008

Outstanding Coro Thermoset Plastic Parures

Those of you who are familiar with my jewelry blog know that Sherman is by far my favorite manufacturer of vintage costume jewelry, however one other style I am always on the look out for is Coro thermoset.

This wonderful and colorful jewelry was made back in the 50's and 60's and featured the most beautiful moulded plastic pieces glued securely into place on rhodium and gold plated backings. The sets I am documenting today are all of the same leaf style that I find myself drawn to time and time again.  There is so much of this unique jewelry available that I found it necessary to limit my collecting to specific styles.  

The first set featured today is a magnificent deep red bracelet with matching clip style earrings. The bracelet features a secure fold-over clasp with red inserts that almost resemble a whale's tail pattern.  It is wide at 1 1/8" and done in a shiny gold plated setting with tiny, raised floral clusters down the center.

The matching earrings are large measuring a generous 1 1/4" from top to bottom when worn.  I have the matching brooch, however it has lost one of it's beautiful moulded plastic inserts but I am always on the hunt for a pair of matching earrings or another red brooch so this wonderful parure can be perfectly restored.

The deep inky blue set is identical in style and design, however it is set in shiny rhodium plate.  This lovely parure is in exceptional, original condition.

The last two sets are done in the exact same style and feature the brooch with matching clip earrings only.  So far no bracelet but I'm always looking! One set has inserts of a brown/rust shade while the other has the same rust/brown but mixed with redish/orange and a brownish shade.  These brooches are super large measuring 2 1/2" x 2 3/4" and in exceptional condition.

The blue, red and orange/rust combo sets where all purchased as part of Edie's jewelry (you can read more about Edie in my post of September 17) so have a special place in my collection. The rust set was purchased online for a mere $9.99 with about $2 shipping which is incredible value for such large and beautiful signed pieces.

For anyone who doesn't believe they have the means to start a nice vintage jewelry collection, think again.  These Coro thermoset full parures can easily be purchased for under $50 with some being well below that figure depending on the color and design.  They are well worth the investment and just because there are lots to go around today doesn't mean the supply will be endless.  They are magnificent and very underrated among collectors which makes them such an affordable option.

For those of you who find yourself getting interested in this wonderful style of jewelry,  I have several pieces listed in my store right now (Island Vintage Jewelry in the right margin) that are offered at great prices.  You can chose to collect by color, style, design, manufacturer or whatever catches your fancy.  They can be found at great prices right now but as the supply eventually goes down, you can bet that the prices will have no where to go but up, up, up!!!

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