Thursday, November 6, 2008

Unique Stones Used In Sherman Rhinestone Jewelry

As I look over my blog, I noticed that time and time again, the majority of my Sherman pieces are similar in that they use brightly colored crystals, some with and some without an aurora borealis wash. Rarely did I find I was attracted to the more unique style of stones which is probably not a good investment considering they would be the most rare LOL!!

The first set photographed today is a beautiful wide bracelet featuring large milky white marquises down the center set in the North/South style.  These have been embellished with large round smoke colored crystals down either side.  The overall width of this unusual bracelet is 1 1/8" making it one of the wider flexible style.  It is set in shiny rhodium that is in like new condition with a secure push-style clasp and safety chain.

The lovely brooch that was purchased with it (both as a Christmas present from my mom a couple of years ago) is made up of mostly marquise white and smoke stones but with a large oval-shaped milk glass recessed center. It measures more than 1 1/2" across and is also set in perfectly shiny rhodium.

The delicate clip earrings that are a stand-alone part of my collection feature faux pearls which were not that common in Sherman designs although absolutely elegant when accented with beautiful sparkling marquises.  I expect at some point to find a matching brooch or bracelet for them.

The last set photographed today has beautiful amber-colored stones accented with the prettiest aurora borealis washed stones.  They show flashes of pink, orange, red, yellow, teal and purple and the large center ovals are outstanding.  This set is large with the brooch being a full 2" across and clip earrings that are more than 1" from top to bottom when worn.  These unique stones are mounted in a gold plated setting.

All pieces documented for today's post are in excellent condition and all are clearly marked SHERMAN.

For anyone who collects Sherman jewelry, it's nice to have an assortment of colors and styles but including some of the pieces in your collection that are made using less common stones will enhance that collection even more!  

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