Friday, September 26, 2008

Emerald & Sapphire Sherman Rhinestone Jewelry

Where do I start with this breathtaking set? It's absolutely amazing and the deep emerald green and sapphire blue navette rhinestones are so glamorous! I love the style of the large flower- shaped clip earrings and the curved "shrimp" brooch is one of my all time favorite Sherman styles. You will see this design documented time and time again in my posts.

This sparkling set was purchased online for what I feel was nearly a "steal" and originated in Toronto. It always amazes me that so many beautiful sets are still available to purchase and I'm so pleased that they are (my hubby may feel differently though LOL!!). The deep vibrant colors are striking and the condition is mint, not a mark on either the rhinestones or on the back of any pieces. I don't know how they did it, but the earrings are extremely comfortable, yet feel secure when worn. Definitely a sign of high quality and attention to detail. 

The necklace I have photographed with this set is large and was purchased from a jewelry dealer in my area. All rhinestones have the aurora borealis finish and sparkle as the light hits them. The necklace is set in gold plate while the brooch and earrings are set in rhodium. All pieces are clearly marked Sherman.

I love the emerald green shades and know that with the upcoming holiday season (can you believe it's almost October!!) these pieces will definitely be worn and enjoyed! 

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