Friday, September 26, 2008

Champagne & Turquoise Sherman Rhinestone Jewelry

One of the best deals I have made on eBay was for this magnificent "pinwheel" or "porcupine" shaped Sherman brooch with large clip style earrings. This beautiful set was listed with a starting bid of only $39.99 and believe it or not, I was the only bid! Unfortunately for the seller, the camera that was used did not do this beautiful set justice. My jaw hit the table when it arrived, I couldn't believe how exquisite it was in person.

The sparkling slender champagne navette rhinestones are mixed with a champagne aurora borealis that reflect an almost turquoise color. The domed setting is curved taking full advantage of the light on all sides creating a breathtaking array of reflection. The matching earrings are slightly curved and are so comfortable when worn, you can barely tell you have them on.  

The second set which is done with the same color combination, also includes a nice amber colored rhinestone and is made in a leaf design. The pretty drop earrings were purchased separately but are a perfect match in color and design. This set wasn't quite the bargain the first one was but well worth purchasing.

Both sets documented today are in excellent condition, everything is clearly marked Sherman and all pieces are set in shiny gold plate.

It never hurts to check online for bargains and sometimes the best deals can be made when you take a risk by bidding on an auction that doesn't have a great photo.  Those of you familiar with Sherman quality and designs can count on a beautiful piece if it's signed Sherman and the condition is excellent. The first set documented today proves that the picture isn't always the most important consideration when bidding. I'm certainly glad I took a risk that day!!!

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