Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crystal Bib Necklaces with LeC & Sherman Beads

A lot of the vintage jewelry I have collected over the years has been purchased at flea markets, yard sales and online but every now and then, I have the opportunity to acquire some very special pieces for my collection.

A couple of years ago, I was casually browsing in an antique store in my neighborhood where I found a new inventory of costume jewelry on display. The owner told me a bit about the origin of this beautiful jewelry and I was saddened to hear it had belonged to a lovely lady I had known.

Her name was Edie and I knew she had passed away only a month or so before.  Probably somewhere into her 80's, Edie had been charming, fun loving, spoke her mind and had a quick wit that would crack up everyone around her.  She had been an independent woman who had taken care of herself having never married or had children, well ahead of her time. She had worked at Eaton's her entire life and had remained attractive and vibrant well into her retirement. She was fit and trim, dressed with exquisite taste and style and never had a hair out of place.  Her jewelry was beautiful and I remember well admiring it whenever I would see her. Most was probably purchased at Eaton's while she worked there so her jewelry was of excellent quality and condition. I was so shocked to find it at an antique store surprised that anyone who had known her would dispose of it that way.

I was told by the store owner that her niece had inherited her jewelry and I expect that after picking out the genuine gold and gemstones had discarded the rest. I had him point out everything that had been Edie's so I could decide which items I would buy being so appreciative of the opportunity to purchase it at all. There were pieces of Sherman, a rhinestone duet, beaded necklaces, Coro thermoset and rhinestone demi parures. 

This post is devoted to the gorgeous beads she had owned.  The Sherman faux pearl and rootbeer beads were well loved and believe it or not, I can still smell her perfume on them. The collars are exquisite and I can't help but wonder what event she had purchased such elaborate crystal bibs for. The last set with earrings is my absolute favorite to date having been manufactured by LeC which was a high end division of Boucher jewelry. This set is so heavy and of such superior quality (check out that magnificent clasp!), it rivals, and at the risk of ticking off every Sherman collector out there, perhaps surpasses anything I have seen in Sherman beaded parures.

From time to time, pieces of Edie's jewelry will be noted in my posts where it will be fondly referred to as "An Edie" so if you notice that description popping up from time to time, it's not some unknown jewelry manufacturer. Edie's jewelry is now a very valued and appreciated part of my own collection and I can't help but smile when I see it remembering the delightful woman who had once owned it.



Lovely collection Edie had. That beaded necklace, cha-cha or bib style, reminds me so much of that Miriam Haskell I'm currently selling at Ruby Lane. Wonder if it's an unsigned Haskell?

Deb said...

Hi Viga, I wondered if that was an unsigned Miriam H myself after viewing yours. Edie's collection was lovely and this is just the tip of the iceberg of what she had.

I was only able to buy part of it and I'm so pleased that I did. I thought it was nice to do this tribute to her jewelry, I think she would have been pleased.