Friday, September 19, 2008

Ultimate Sherman Jewelry Rigid Cuff Bracelet

So it's time to bring out the "big guns" which is what these magnificent Sherman rigid cuff bracelets are. Probably the most exquisite and highly collectable of all Sherman rhinestone jewelry, these bracelets are easily breaking the $1,200 mark on eBay.  I remember about two years ago watching a dark purple one with matching earrings and necklace go for around $700 and thinking that was ridiculous!  Well silly me, that same set would probably fetch somewhere around $3,000 + today.

These were manufactured in low numbers and that is reflected in what it must have taken to create one of these masterpieces.  They are huge at a full 1 1/2" wide and this particular style (there are two that I have seen) is double tiered.  This one is made in three separate "rigid" sections hinged together with a large hidden box-style clasp.  The rhinestones are a medium to dark blue aurora borealis in both angled marquise and round cuts, absolutely breathtaking. I can only imagine the social events these would have been worn to back in the 50's or 60's.

I know that many of them came from the Western region of Canada and that is where this one originated.  I was told that it had cost around $100 in the early 60's and had spent several years in a safety deposit box in Vancouver before being purchased by a local jewelry dealer. She kept it in her own collection for many years and through a conversation we were having one day at a flea market mentioned she was thinking about selling it. So it pays (or doesn't it LOL!!) to let local jewelry dealers know what you collect because the odds of me trying to duke it out on eBay for one of these is pretty darn low. This dealer who has sold to me before, knowing I was a collector, took me aside and offered this beautiful cuff bracelet to me at a price I couldn't refuse!  I honestly didn't think I would ever have the pleasure of seeing one in person let alone own one but here it is in all its glory. 

The pretty drop earrings I have paired it up with would have perfectly matched that $7,000 + necklace and bracelet I wrote about a couple of posts back if they had been in fuchsia.  For this bracelet though, the blue is a perfect companion and I love the unusual blue crystal drops. Striking!

All pieces documented today are clearly signed Sherman, set in shiny rhodium plate and are in very good, if not excellent condition.

Now if only I could get invited to that social event of the year so I would have a chance to wear them!!!

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