Sunday, September 21, 2008

Joan Rivers Classics Tomorrow's Collectible Jewelry

It seems like every time you turn around there is another celebrity on either QVC or the Canadian Shopping Channel promoting and selling their own line of costume jewelry.  Without mentioning any names, I've seen fake stones so large they look dull and tacky to other lines where the jewelry looks like it will fall apart the minute the 30-day money back guarantee is up. Overall, I'm not a big fan of the modern costume jewelry but I have taken note of Joan Rivers' line which has a very good chance of becoming collectible sometime down the road.

Joan Rivers Classics Collection can be purchased on both QVC and TSC as well as online. Her jewelry is made with Swarovski crystals and her settings are either rhodium or 22kt gold plated. Some of her designs are a bit too modern for my taste but I do think there will be a following of collectors long after pieces of her jewelry are retired. I happen to have a few that I have photographed for this post that I like to wear when I'm going for a more casual look. 

The line bracelets have lots of sparkle with stones that are individually claw set which is the mark of excellent quality.  The settings have retained their shine with no wear to the platting and they each feature a double safety lever on the push style clasps. They look nice when worn in groups, as Joan refers to as "Life Stripes". One other nice option modern costume jewelry offers is pierced earrings. The ones photographed are lever backs and match the widest line bracelet perfectly. My mom has this set along with an identical one in greens that I know she wears often.

This cherry pin is one of my favorite designs from Joan's line although I do wonder how long the pave set stones will stay in place.  Fingers crossed this one doesn't get dropped. The enameling on the other hand is very well done. Mom has this pin as well although I'm not sure how often she wears it.

The last two items from Joan Rivers Classics Collection that I believe will continue to climb in price are anything with Russian eggs and the sets with interchangeable color stones. The bee pins are also highly collectible. This pair of earrings along with the bee pin have the check-board cut rhinestone color options. 

As any collector of jewelry knows well, it is important to keep the original boxes and authenticity cards when you purchase any of the modern costume jewelry. It not only ensures the preservation of the jewelry and all of its components but will keep your pieces at the top of the list for jewelry collectors of the future. 

I'm sure that there are several other high-end modern costume jewelry lines that will continue to increase in value.  If you have a favorite that you are now collecting, please leave a comment and let us know. 

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