Sunday, September 21, 2008

Striking Fuchsia Rhinestone Sherman Demi

Well, what words can describe the gorgeous vibrant shades of fuchsia and aurora borealis rhinestones that make up this magnificent Sherman demi-parure. Sets like this go fast and I was fortunate to get to a flea market in my area early where a well-known jewelry dealer was setting up her table. She had several other pieces of Sherman jewelry but I just couldn't resist adding such a vibrant set to my collection.  

Individual pieces are nice to have but when you have the opportunity to acquire a matching set in any of the highly sought after colors, it's worth the extra investment to buy it.  Sadly, as prices continue to increase, pieces of sets like this one are often sold separately. Once a matched set gets separated, it's nearly impossible for any collector to put them back together. Over time, more and more pieces of this magnificent jewelry get absorbed into collections all across North America and abroad reducing the number of available Sherman jewelry that comes up for sale. 

For now, this lovely set will stay together even though the brooch and earrings are not my favorite style but leaving them behind just wasn't an option. Storing everything in an original "Jewels of Elegance" metal case increases the value even more. I've seen these empty cases sell for $30 + online and nothing protects your rhinestone jewelry better when its in storage.

All pieces documented today are in absolute pristine condition, set in shiny rhodium plate and clearly marked Sherman.

Whether you are going out to at a nice restaurant or to a formal Christmas or New Year's Eve party, this beautiful set will look elegant on everything from that little black dress to a tailored classic pant suit.  Wear your Sherman, it's much too pretty to keep hidden away! 



You found this at a flea market? I want to know where you shop LOL. Oh that's right, you're in PEI. Darn. I never have luck like this. Gorgeous!

P.S. Your LeC was shipped yesterday by Expedited Mail. You should have it by Mon/Tues :))

Deb said...

Hi Viga, You're right this is a beautiful set and was a good deal. By the way, you can come shopping with me anytime LOL!!


PS: thanks for the info of the LeC, I look forward to receiving it and using it in a future post

Anonymous said...

I have a set of brooch, earrings and necklace in the same Fuschia aurora borealis except the brooch and the necklace have carved glass leaves. It is absolutely stunning. I should say magnificent. The brooch is maple leaf shape and the earrings are the same as yours. I can send pictures if interested. Betty Email: