Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stunning Peacock Blue Green Sherman Rhinestone Jewelry

Just home from a week of holidays and was checking on eBay to see what was new since leaving the computer 5 days ago.  Listed with only a couple of more days to go is an exquisite Sherman peacock blue/green rigid cuff bracelet. Right now it is over $720 which would be a steal but this beauty will get a lot of attention as the auction close draws near, even in the last 10 seconds for those who like to bid using a "snipper" program.  For anyone unfamiliar with this software, it takes the pressure off of bidders by doing the bidding for them, even in their absence when there are only about 7 seconds left in the auction. That way, no one has a chance to overbid before the auction ends. This bracelet should more than double in price between now and closing and could break the $2,000 mark if enough collectors are serious about adding it to their collections.  I won't be one of them but isn't it nice to dream! If you want to check it out, you can do an eBay search by item number using 360085796934.

From my own collection, the bracelet I am documenting today is breathtaking in it's own right, made with 8 separate and solid rhinestone clusters that are looped together on the back.  This creates a super flexible, elegant look as it drapes nicely down over the wrist.  The stones are large and so is this bracelet!  It measures 7 3/4" in length and is 1 1/4" at its widest point.  The colors range from the softest aquamarine blue to the deepest peacock blue/green aurora borealis in both marquise and round cuts. It may not have all the glamour of the rigid cuff bracelets, but it's definitely a close second!

The pretty necklace and clip-style earrings are in the same color family and combine the exact same rhinestone cut combinations although in a more uniform pattern.  

As usual, all pieces are clearly marked Sherman and are in excellent condition set in super shiny rhodium plate.

I've noticed over the past couple of weeks that prices on Sherman jewelry are starting to climb again marking the end of another Summer. Now with the kids back in school and most vacation time behind us, more and more collectors will be sitting down at their computers looking for beautiful Sherman pieces to add to their growing collections, not to mention the new collectors that are joining all the time.  For those of you who can afford to collect only the best Sherman jewelry, I'll be watching as the bid on that beautiful peacock cuff bracelet climbs over the next few days. Good luck to you all!!

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