Thursday, August 7, 2008

Clearly Elegant Sherman Rhinestone Jewelry

In my opinion, one of the most underrated and under appreciated styles of Sherman jewelry has to be these elegant, clear rhinestone designs.  These can be snapped up on eBay and on other sites for a fraction of the price their colorful counterparts command.  I agree that they were made in much larger numbers and are more plentiful but there's a reason for that.  These pieces can be worn with just about any color and look fantastic on nearly everything from the most basic denim all the way to the most formal evening or bridal gown. Gustave Sherman knew this and manufactured these clear timeless pieces more often than any of his other styles.

What bride wouldn't be thrilled to have this beautiful necklace and drop earrings to embellish her wedding dress? The mass-produced bridal sets today are usually more expensive and made with stones of lesser quality that are sometimes glued rather than delicately hand-set like Sherman jewelry.  The sparkle and reflection Sherman jewelry emits is as close to the "real thing" as you will find at Red Carpet events.  Every serious jewelry collector should have a wardrobe of clear pieces and because they are so affordable, why not Sherman!  

Not every budget can afford the thousands of dollars that the higher-end Sherman sets go for but when you buy clear like the fancy bracelet and drop earrings featured in this post, the price drops dramatically. This particular set was purchased for less than $100 only a couple of years ago and is absolutely gorgeous!  I love how the long, slender marquise stones are set at an angle to add drama.  The matching clip-style earrings are a perfect match and measure 3" in length. Stunning!!

The last set showcased today is what I like to call the "Shrimp" pin with matching earrings all done in heavy rhodium plating with sparkling clear Swarovski rhinestones.  The bracelet features 5 rows of alternating marquise and round rhinestones and is over one inch in width. This pretty bracelet can be worn as a match to either the brooch set or necklace and earrings.   

As usual everything is in near mint condition being heavily rhodium plated and clearly marked Sherman. For some reason, no matter how many photographs I take of clear Sherman jewelry, the crystal clearness just can't be captured and they look dull (this could account for why these pieces go so low on eBay so take advantage!!).

Overall, please don't overlook these timeless clear rhinestone beauties. They were manufactured using the same quality and attention to detail that Gustave Sherman used when designing all of his fabulous jewelry.  Anyone can easily put together a full parure using any combination of their favorite rhinestone styles (all of these pieces were purchased separately with the exception of picture #2) for an amazingly affordable price.  I promise anyone who wears their vintage jewelry that they will reach for these "clearly elegant" pieces time and time again!

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