Monday, August 25, 2008

Striking Color Combos Vintage Sherman Jewelry

Of all the rhinestone jewelry that was manufactured during the 50's and 60's, Gustave Sherman was by far the most talented when creating striking color combinations. Using all cuts and shapes of rhinestones, it is documented that Swarovski of Austria manufactured unique colors ordered by the designers at the Sherman factory. This accounts for the breathtaking array of color combinations that are so sought after by current collectors. From the most basic pieces to the most ornately decorated bibs and collars, these Jewels of Elegance were created using the most beautiful rhinestone cuts and colors available. To this day, I have not found another manufacturer who can create such outstanding, visually pleasing jewelry. 

The two demi parures documented today clearly demonstrate the talent exhibited by Sherman and his designers when combining unique colors. The pretty pink aurora borealis stones are stunning when combined with the beautiful olive green. 

The first set is from my own collection and was purchased a couple of years ago online. Using a basic combination of marquise and round rhinestones, there is nothing basic about the end result. This set is fabulous! The stacked fashion and curved lines of the brooch create a 3-D affect that is so unique to Sherman designs. 

The second set is from my mother's collection and was purchased as a Christmas gift a few years ago. The basket-style brooch combines marquises and round rhinestones with the addition of beautiful baguettes. The unusual use of stone shapes and colors make this one an absolute showstopper! 

All pieces documented today are in mint condition with shiny rhodium plate and clearly marked "Sherman".

Using superior findings and the best rhinestones from Austria enabled Sherman jewelry to surpass all others in quality, but it was the unique color combinations that made these designs outstanding in beauty. If you have the opportunity to acquire one of his unique color combination pieces, please do so, they will more than hold their value and always be near the top of the list of Sherman collectors.

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