Monday, August 11, 2008

Sparkling Hematite With Clear Rhinestones Sherman Jewelry

For those of us who reside in small towns, the best source for buying specific color combinations of Sherman Jewelry has to be online vintage jewelry websites or on eBay.  I know that some people shy away from setting up Paypal accounts uncertain of how secure their personal banking information will be. From my own personal experiences, I have not had any problems thus far, (knock wood). Overall, the majority of online sellers are friendly, professional, honest and prompt in mailing out their items.  Online is also a great place to find the "perfect match" to a Sherman piece already in your collection.

Both of the beautiful sets posted here today were acquired through eBay.  To date, I have not been able to find any Sherman with hematite at flea markets or antique stores in my area. Anyone who knows me well can vouch for my love of hematite.  I will be devoting my next post to this magnificent stone used in jewelry all through the 1950's. 

The first demi parure pictured was purchased about two years ago and is a large "Shrimp" or "Pinwheel" with matching earrings.  Combining hematite with clear sparkling marquise style rhinestones is the perfect way to accent the deep grey color of these marvelous stones.  This set is a showstopper and has been worn by me more than any of my other Sherman pieces.

The large open-style wreath brooch with identical earrings was also purchased on eBay around the same time as the first set and again combines clear with hematite.  This time, Gustave Sherman designers used large round rhinestones to offset the slender hematite marquises. Brilliant!

All pieces are in excellent condition, clearly marked Sherman and are presented in heavy rhodium plating.

Both sets featured today with hematite are perfect examples of popular 1950's style and are as wearable today as they were then.  Both are timeless, elegant and beautiful and I am certain will remain that way for the next generation of Sherman Jewelry collectors! 


Debbie B said...

I have just picked up a hematite and clear set that NO ONE bid on! The picture looked terrible, but I took a chance. One of nicest sets I have.

Deb said...

Hi Debbie, that's fantastic! Don't you just love snagging a deal on eBay that others (including me!) overlooked! Congratulations!!!