Saturday, August 2, 2008

Welcome to my blog of Sherman & Other Vintage Jewelry

Hi, thanks for stopping by.  I have been collecting anything 50's for about five years now at yard sales, flea markets and anywhere else these retro goodies are available.  Of all things 50's, the gorgeous rhinestone and costume jewelry have become my passion.  I created this blog to document and share my finds.

Of all the rhinestone jewelry I have collected thus far, my favorite designer is Gustave Sherman who manufactured from 1947 to the mid 1970's in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  My first Sherman Rhinestone piece was acquired at a local flea market and I can't believe I actually bargained the seller down to $5 for this beautiful crescent shaped blue rhinestone brooch shown here.  It was only later after talking to other collectors that I realized I should be checking for the manufacturer's mark on the piece itself to determine the value.  This gorgeous brooch is heavily rhodium plated with the most brilliant sparkling rhinestones and on the back is the signature "Sherman".   That was it.   I am now the proud owner of about 100 Sherman rhinestone jewelry pieces along with lots of other costume jewelry, some signed by other manufacturers, some not signed at all.   

I have also been accumulating purses, linens, pyrex, and fireking from the 50's to 70's and fiesta dinnerware from any time period.  

Hope you stop by often to see what's new and to share your own stories of collecting.



Jacki said...

Really enjoyed reading your post! I too purchased a beautiful dark fushia Sherman brooch at a yard sale for ten cents.

Now this rare piece is a valued piece in my jewelry items.


Deb said...

Hi Audrey, thanks for visiting my blog. $0.10 is a great deal for any Sherman regardless of condition and fuchsia is a very collectible color. Amazing what you can find at yard sales if you take the time to look.

Good luck with your collecting,