Friday, August 8, 2008

Magnificent Siam Red Rhinestone Sherman Jewelry Demi Parure

Without a doubt, this is my favorite Sherman brooch and earring set to date. I found it on eBay one night while cruising around checking for all kinds of vintage jewelry items listed for sale. Imagine my surprise to come upon this magnificent set and notice that the inexperienced seller had neglected to use that magical word "Sherman" in his title.  This meant that this beautiful set would only be found by a handful, if any, avid Sherman jewelry collectors. I waited until there was less than 30 seconds left in the auction and typed in my bid which was more than double what the price was currently at (this takes nerves of steel for those who do not have access to a sniper program).  One other collector must have been at their own keyboard since in the last 15 seconds, both of our bids hit this set but luckily for me, mine was the highest and I found myself the proud owner of this truly incredible set at a mere fraction of its actual value.

The brooch itself is large measuring 2 1/4" across and features long and slender sparkling siam red rhinestones accented by red aurora borealis ones.  By far one of my favorite Sherman brooch styles, I know that many collectors and dealers call it a pinwheel but I see a porcupine when I look at it. It is nicely domed and is presented in the highly sought after black japanned setting.

The matching clip-style earrings are large and also domed combining both the deep red with red aurora borealis rhinestones in both marquises and chaton styles. 

As usual, all three pieces are clearly marked Sherman and in excellent condition, worthy of being photographed for any jewelry book on exquisite costume jewelry.

Check the photographs to see the original "Jewels of Elegance Sherman" metal hang tag as well as the "Jewels of Elegance"  storage box.  

If you are looking for a bargain on Sherman jewelry, this set proves that they are still out there, even on eBay but you have to take the time to look for them.  Good luck in your hunt, getting these at bargain prices is by far the most fun I have in collecting these truly magnificent "Jewels of Elegance"!


Debbie Be said...

I have just picked up a hematite and clear set that NO ONE bid on! The picture looked terrible, but I took a chance. One of nicest sets I have.

Debbie B said...

Whoops wrong place.

Deb said...

Hi Deb, no problem, you can leave your comments on any of my pages, I love to hear from other collectors who get great deals when buying this incredible jewelry!