Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sherman Jewelry with Aurora Borealis Rhinestones

Introduced by Swarovski in the 1950's, Aurora Borealis finishes would transform costume jewelry. Once a polychrome metallic coating was applied to crystals and rhinestones, they would reflect a colorful aurora similar to that produced by the Northern Lights. All of a sudden, the color options were limitless and no one could combine colors like the designers at the Sherman Factory. These outstanding designs would be copied time and time again by other companies but very few were of the quality and beauty that Sherman produced. Anyone who is familiar with his pieces can spot them a mile away.

Any rhinestones that have an aurora borealis finish will require more care when being stored. The coatings are fragile and can be scratched or flake off  easily giving them a very dull appearance. Like all rhinestones, they should be stored without contact with other jewelry and gently polished with a soft, lint-free cloth to maintain their outstanding reflective quality.  

The two sets I have photographed for today's post were acquired online and are perfect examples of the quality Sherman is famous for. Both sets are done with Champagne aurora borealis stones in both marquise and round cuts but with two totally different looks. They reflect a rainbow of shades from yellow to pink to green to purple. The gold plate is in excellent condition and the stones are clean with very few, if any scratches.  

All pieces are signed Sherman with the exception of the screw back earrings.

These "plain" aurora borealis sets are so versatile and will compliment any color in your wardrobe. Their sparkle cannot be surpassed and the stones produced by Swarovski and used in Sherman jewelry will more than last a lifetime when properly cared for. 

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