Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Passionate About Purple Sherman Rhinestone Jewelry

Since creating this blog, I have been going through lots of Sherman jewelry and I have to say that purple is one color I wish I had more of.  I once met a woman who collected Sherman but "Only the purple ones!!!" and I think she was definitely on to something. The colors are amazing. The deep amethyst colored rhinestones look like precious jewels on their own and when done in groupings with aurora borealis and paler shades, they just seem to come to life.

This pretty necklace and earrings, although not a perfect match, were purchased together at a flea market by my mom as a Christmas gift for me several years ago.  Nothing screams Christmas louder than a beautiful Sherman glittering under the Christmas tree! The necklace combines deep amethyst ovals with pinkish/purple marquises in perfect rhodium plating.

The large clip-style earrings have the exact same colors but incorporate marquise cut stones instead of ovals plus have the additional beautiful long baguettes on one side.  Absolute showstopper set! 

The gorgeous brooch pictured with the necklace and earrings was purchased at an auction on eBay for a ridiculously low price considering it's color, quality and condition.  The unfortunate seller had a terrible picture of it that looked like it had been taken from across the room.  I was familiar with this particular style so felt confident bidding in spite of the blurred image on eBay.  What a joy to receive it and see that it was in factory perfect condition!  The rhodium plating shows no signs of wear and the Sherman signature is crisp.  The stones combine an almost aquamarine blue with amethyst and are offset by long, slender marquises in a pink/mauve shade.  Splendid and I love the large emerald-cut center.

As usual, all pieces are clearly signed Sherman.

Lastly, the large purple with aurora borealis brooch and earrings were purchased on eBay with the buy-it-now option.  All pieces have super shiny rhodium plating and the earrings are clearly marked Sherman.  The brooch, although unsigned, mimics Sherman's styling having been made in three tiers and having the exact same rhinestone color combination as the signed earrings.

As mentioned earlier, I will be doing a post down the road giving my opinion on Signed versus Unsigned Sherman pieces so check back often.  I welcome your comments!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous set Deb. Wow. Let me know if you ever decide to sell this one. Purple is hard to come by. I'm always looking for it after selling one of the only purple sets I had...and that lady had searched all over the net before finding mine. It was fabulous. Sigh...


Bah...that previous comment was left by me, not anonymous. Sometimes navigating around Blogger can be confusing. Sorry about that.

Thanks for exchanging links with my Sherman Jewelry Blog

Viga, the Vintage Jewelry Blogger!

Deb said...

Hi Viga, I can't imagine selling this set since it was a gift from my mom but I do sell Sherman from time to time, have to thin out the collection when I accumulate too much of any color. Unfortunately, purple hasn't been overcrowding my inventory lately!!

A while back, I did sell a super wide Sherman bracelet that had the aquamarine with purple (I actually disliked this combination) and one purple flower spray brooch.

Thanks for your comments, anonymous or not, I always appreciate hearing from other collectors of this fabulous Sherman jewelry!!